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Nowicki Vacuum Tumbler

Nowicki Vacuum Tumbler
Tilting Vacuum Marinator


Vacuum meat tumblers tenderize meat and make it absorb salt or marinades. They are easy to operate, load and unload. In addition, different program sets allow you to marinate the meat or product at intervals, in order to increase productivity.

The Vacuum meat tumblers make food products more tender, moist and tasty, while improving their appearance and quality consistency. How to tumble and preserve raw meat under different conditions is one the most important challenges of the meat processing industry the vacuum tumbler is your best choice to solve this problem.

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Description - GRY1200, Tilting Vacuum Marinator, Nowicki Vacuum Tumbler

The extraordinarily sturdy and user friendly construction of GRY series supports a gentle as well as an intensive massage to constantly ensure the highest product quality.


Our buggy dumper TSY1250 will perfectly fit for the models of from 800 to 3500l to automatically load the materials with or without marinades. The tilting discharging of the product can avoid foam formation and product splash when you reverse the drum for unloading. 


The capacity of the series is from 350l to 3500l, which is very suitable for central kitchens, medium and big food processing enterprises.


Through the special shaping at the fins (standard) or at the triangle (optional) baffles, it is possible by left and right rotation to choose between soft and intensive tumbling for marinating, seasoning and mixing different kind of meat and even aquatic product.


The machine is timer control as standard for basic function, or PLC with touch panel as option for progressive functions like professional tumbling and vacuum condition transition.


The stepless rotation speed ranging from 2 to 12rpm (optional 1~3rpm) fits for wide range of processing requests.


The high performance vacuum system with water-loop vacuum tumbler, filtration and circulating water box provides 85% continuous vacuum condition as standard or interval vacuum as optional during tumbling rotation.


The sturdy construction of the vacuum tumbler is made of stainless steel SUS304. The inside of drum is finely polished as well as the outside surface is sandblasted.


Other optional upgrades as requests are:

² Weighing unit

² Cooling jacket

² Automatic lid open/close



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Meatec specializes in engineering, manufacturing and servicing vacuum tumblers, smokehouses, and relative accessories